Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July Blog Hop Day 4

As promised, the rest of the planner details are added to the bottom of this post.

Happy Thursday everyone!  If you came here from Giselle's blog then you are in the right place.  If you stumbled here by accident be sure to go over to her blog to see all the planners created for day 4 of her hop. 

I choose to make a Christmas planner. I found this little planner at Michael's for $1. I would have described it as kinda ugly but my 15 year old daughter was mad that I covered it up. Go figure.  They say there is no accounting for taste right.

It had a nice mangetic closure and I like the edge on the flap. I covered it with a very antiqued looking sheet of cardstock that had an old santa image in the corner. I love this look for Christmas. I positioned santa on the back because that was the only place I could fit the full image. Beside the back needs some personality too.

The front of the planner has a bit of a story behind where I got the image. Our county museum is 2 beautiful homes. Every year at Christmas the Museum asks for volunteers to decorate all the rooms in different themes. One year a library group decorated a tree with photocopies of vintage Christmas cards. I was speaking with someone from the group about how much I loved the old images. When they took down the decorations she mailed me the copies. This is just one of about 30. I trimmed it and glued it to the front. I had a scrap of ribbon that matched well. Letter were cut out with my Cricut with the Alphalicious font.

I added a receipt pocket with accordian sides to the inside of the cover using the same paper I covered it with.

I still need to make my divider pages that include: gift list, grocery list, gift ideas, parties and Christmas card list.  For those that might be curious the overall size of the planner is 5"x7".

I carry a pretty good sized purse so it will fit with no problems. I hope you enjoyed my little planner. I pretty pleased with it myself. Have fun checking out everyone's projects.

To add dividers to the notebook, I measure a page and add a 1/2" to the width.   Score on the 1/2" mark and fold.  I glued the divider in on the strip that is folded under.  Then decorated with some more of the vintage Christmas postcard copies I had.  My dividers are Cards, Gifts, Food and Events.  I've also included a picture of the back since I somehow managed to miss it the 1st time.

Below you will see the strip that I glued into the book.  The book is a little stiff so it is hard to get a picture without it closing up on me.

This is the backside and the whole reason I used the paper I did.  Love this old Santa!



Janet said...

This is beautiful I love the old world Vintage look especially at Christmas.
Big Blog Hugs

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

Looks great! TFS!!

mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

Cathy said...

It is the transformation.
mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

cynthia said...

Carrie, we really like this planner--so to celebrate Christmas In July, we've showcased it at focus site Christmas Planner today.

Lovely job!

Christmas in July: Carrie's Vintage Christmas Planner"

Cynthia Ewer, Editor
Organized Christmas

littlen said...

great idea. very nice. tfs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. You are so talented! This is so cute, I had to go to Michael's to get one to make for myself. I think I found the right one - it looks like the first picture. I am wondering though, how you are going to add the dividers? The item I got is a notebook with tear out pages. How will you add the divider pages?

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